Woolson Story in Current Issue of ‘Erosion Control’ Details Science, Art of Stabilizing Dramatic Slopes

August 16, 2005

It’s often difficult to improve upon the works of nature, but today’s slope stabilization experts are proving they can do exactly that with a blend of human ingenuity and bold techniques that produce results as aesthetically extraordinary and they are effective.


That’s the theme of an article by Eric Woolson in the current issue of Erosion Control magazine (www.erosioncontrol.com).


“Companies such as Janod, Inc., in Swanton, Vt., to Salix Applied Earthcare, in Sacramento, Calif., are combining science and art to protect the environment and preserve its natural beauty. That’s a real balancing act,” Woolson said. “Their work is innovative, extremely interesting and, I think, a real sign of things to come in their field. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet first-rate pros at those firms to learn from their unique perspectives and share some of their insights with the readers of Erosion Control.”

Woolson’s articles appear regularly in publications produced by Forester Communications, a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based company, (www.forester.net).


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