TCW Produces Iowa State Troopers Association Legislative Priorities Brochure

The Iowa State Troopers Association has released its 2006 legislative priorities brochure, entitled “Making Good on the Promise.”


The brochure was produced again this year by Concept Works, a West Des Moines public and government relations firm that has worked with the state troopers since 2003.


“Iowa’s legislators and governor take a solemn oath to ensure the public’s safety.  The members of the Iowa State Troopers Association also take an oath to serve, protect and uphold law and order.  Iowa’s state troopers make good on that promise every day of the year, responding to life-and-death situations no matter what time of the day or night or the danger to their own personal safety,” said Gerri McCurdy, president of the Iowa State Troopers Association.  “Last year, our elected officials took much-needed steps to make progress on the state’s public safety needs – and make good on the promise.  The investment in two new training classes at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy was recognition of the urgent need for more troopers on Iowa’s highways.  Yet, we know that more must be done in 2006.”


McCurdy notes that the Iowa State Patrol remains at lower staffing levels today than in the mid-1960s when the interstate highway system was under construction and continues to put troopers into vehicles with far too many miles on the odometer and a margin of safety that is far too thin.



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