ESI Makes Spring Clean-up Days a Snap

March 15, 2007


Environmental Services of Iowa, an industry leader in scrap metal recycling and appliance disposal, offered a little spring cleaning help to cities in western and central Iowa, eastern Nebraska and much of South Dakota with the marketing expertise of The Concept Works.


When it comes to removing scrap metal and appliances, no company exceeds the convenience, competence and reliability of Environmental Services of Iowa.  The Adel, Iowa, company has the equipment, know-how and personnel to remove unwanted scrap quickly and safely – either at a centralized drop-off location or through a curbside pick-up process.


Clients can depend on ESI to comply with “green” guidelines governing appliance disposal.  ESI trained professionals dismantle, recycle and dispose of those problematic products by the book and at a fair price.  ESI also maintains complete, accurate record-keeping of every single unit so customers guaranteed the peace of mind the results from meeting your local, state and federal laws.