Brownell: GOP Will Defy Gloomy Predictions

Polk County Supervisor Robert Brownell. who is seeking his third term, told fellow Republicans today that their party “will beat conventional wisdom” to retain the White House, defeat Democratic U.S. Senator Tom Harkin and take back control of the Iowa General Assembly.


Speaking at the Polk County Republican convention at Wells Fargo Arena, the former Clive mayor said the 2008 election cycle will transcend traditional claims that every campaign is an historic crossroads.


“This election will be historic because of the conventional wisdom that the Democrats cannot be defeated this year,” Brownell said. “I’m here to tell you they’re wrong. That’s because there’s something called the Overconfidence Effect and the Democrats and their friends in the national media have it bad!”


He continued, “The leaders of the Democrat Party in Iowa and nationally don’t get up in the morning and ask what evil they can do.  The problem is that they believe they know what’s best for us and that they have to take our money and spend it on what they think we need and they’re wrong.”


Brownell said Democrats “think Iowans are going to elect more Democrats to the Legislature so they can raise our taxes and spend more of our hard-earned tax dollars and they’re wrong! … They think they’re going to outwork us and demoralize us … and they’re wrong! They think we’re going to hand this election to them … and they’re wrong!”


He concluded, “This year we’re going to beat conventional wisdom – and defeat the Democrats at the same time – because you know and I know that Republicans can do anything we set our minds to do. We’re going take back the Legislature.  We’re going to defeat Tom Harkin.  We’re going to keep this country safe and strong by electing John McCain to the White House. And, we’re going to do it because the Democratic leadership and national media underestimate how hard you’re going to work and how tenacious you’re going to be in defending Republican values and principles.”


The Concept Works provides strategic and media counsel Brownell’s re-election effort.


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