Fuel Rescue Grants U.S., International Marketing Rights to The Concept Works

Fuel Rescue, a Waukee, Iowa, firm today approved an agreement for The Concept Works to market and distribute its revolutionary new product that helps the underground storage tank industry protect the environment and save money.


Daily readings of underground tanks have quietly robbed the convenience store industry of multi-thousands of dollars and created ongoing environmental hazards each year but Fuel Rescue is an affordable, easy-to-use solution to both problems.


Fuel Rescue is a revolutionary four-sided squeegee that rests across the tank fill opening at ground level. After measuring the tank, the gauge stick is drawn up through the squeegee and Fuel Rescue pushes the fuel down the gauge stick and returns it to the tank.


“Especially in this economy, it just doesn’t make sense to throw profits out the window.  Field tests show that Fuel Rescue returns up to 120 gallons of fuel to each underground storage tank per year. At $4.00 per gallon, that’s up to $480 dollars in additional revenue per tank every year,” said product developer Larry Snyder. “Multiply that by the number of tanks a company operates, and the bottom-line savings are as stunning as they are simple to calculate.”


Priced at $24.95 per unit, Fuel Rescue offers other practical benefits for anyone connected with the storage, marketing, regulation or transport of a product kept in an underground storage tank.  Fuel transports, truck stops, convenience stores, airports, farm and agriculture, industry, military operations, and local state and federal governments.


Fuel Rescue protects employees from the health hazards and mess of exposure to raw fuel and heads off an all-too-common source of surface and groundwater contamination.


“Fuel Rescue eliminates the cost of towels to clean gauge sticks, gets rid of the costs associated with responsible disposal and removes the very real fire hazard causes by fuel-soaked towels.  It also prevents the inadvertent spillage that happens when the sticks are removed from tanks and excess fuel drains onto the ground so users avoid the cost and trouble of cleaning up contaminated driveways and dirt,” Snyder said.  “This is a product that combines environmental stewardship with smart business practices at a price that pays for itself in just a few weeks and then keeps on saving money for a long time. Anyone who has ever worked around an underground storage tank can see in an instant that Fuel Rescue is a winner.”


For additional information about Fuel Rescue, contact Eric Woolson at (515) 226-0277 or ewoolson@theconceptworks.com.


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