Smith: Four-Day Week for State Workers ‘Worth Closer Look’ if it Helps Families, Businesses in House District 95

OSCEOLA – Republican legislative candidate Doug Smith said today that Democratic Gov. Chet Culver’s consideration of a four-day work week in order to reduce state government’s energy costs is “worth a closer look.”


“I’m a Republican because we believe in effective, common-sense approaches to issues and challenges but I know my party doesn’t have a corner on the good ideas market.  A four-day work week may or may not be a solution yet it’s definitely worth a closer look,” Smith said. “Voters understood that the two parties have fundamental differences on many issues.  At the same time, they expect us to work together whenever possible to get things done.  When it comes to energy efficiency and other ideas that would save taxpayer dollars I’ll work with Democrats and Republicans to produce results.”

Following the lead of some private companies, Utah state officials have announced that starting next month most employees will work 10-hour shifts Mondays through Thursday.  Culver said Friday that he believes that current economic conditions, including high energy prices, will prompt all state governments to consider a four-day work week.  While the goal is to reduce fuel expenses for employees, the approach also would reduce heating and cooling costs at state buildings. 


            “I know my responsibility as a state representative would be to look out for the best interests of families and businesses in Clarke, Union and Decatur counties.  Before we shift government to a four-day week, I want to ensure that taxpayers will receive efficient, effective services from state government,” Smith said.  “One way to help them is for me to be an active voice in a state government that takes real responsibility for energy efficiency so we can hold down fuel costs and taxes.”


            Smith, an Osecola restaurant owner, is making his first bid for public office in House District 95.


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