Vander Plaats Announces 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate Committee; Tymeson to Serve as Chair, Dick Johnson as Co-Chair

January 26, 2009

DES MOINES – Saying Iowa needs a chief executive with fiscal discipline, vision and “the courage to lead real change,” Bob Vander Plaats, the 2006 Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, today formed a candidate’s committee for a potential 2010 gubernatorial bid.


Appearing on the Jan Mickelson program on WHO Radio this morning, Vander Plaats said that five-term state Rep. Jodi Tymeson of Winterset will serve as the committee’s state chair and former State Auditor Richard Johnson will serve as co-chair.


Alluding to his 2002 gubernatorial bid and the 2006 campaign, Vander Plaats said, “Perseverance means having the will to keep fighting for what you believe in. Politics as usual wasn’t working in 2002, it wasn’t working in 2006, and it certainly isn’t working today. I continue to believe we can be the best place anywhere to live, learn, work, and play but we need a governor with fiscal discipline, vision and the courage to lead real change.”


He added, “When Chet Culver gave his Condition of the State speech last week, he talked about teamwork.  Unfortunately, his idea of teamwork is working together with legislative Democrats and union bosses to increase taxes, increase state spending, add more public employees to the payroll, and ignore the will of Iowans. His speech was weighted with state government’s need to borrow more money and, as always, light on innovation, vision and discipline.”


The Sioux City businessman and author said he will tour the state’s 99 counties in coming months to gauge support for his message of “casting a compelling vision that draws people to us.” He indicated that vision includes a vibrant economy, world-class schools, access to excellent health care, a hand up to those in need, energy independence, and embracing a stewardship mentality regarding our natural and fiscal resources.


“A candidate’s committee is a necessary first step to determining the depth of a candidacy’s support but it’s already clear that Iowans are yearning for real leadership. Team VP 2010 has hit the ground running to answer the call. Nowhere is that more evident than in our Team VP 2010 state chair,” Vander Plaats said.  


Tymeson, an assistant leader in the House GOP caucus, was a brigadier general in the Iowa National Guard and retired after 33 years of duty.  A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Drake University, she also has eight years of teaching experience.


“She’s been on the front lines of a campaign and understands what it takes to win and govern.  She will be an incredibly valuable asset in representing the campaign around the state, providing leadership within the committee and assisting with fundraising,” Vander Plaats said.


Tymeson said,   “Obviously I think Bob would make a great governor but that’s not just my opinion. Many Iowans feel that way. Bob and I share a lot of public policy passions and one is improving education so we’re making sure that kids are ready to go into the work force.”


Johnson served Iowa with distinction for twenty-two years as the taxpayer’s watchdog. He fully endorses the need for a compelling vision, a limited government that performs, and the need for fiscal integrity and responsibility.


Johnson said, “The Statehouse is controlled by one party.  The challenge that’s ahead of us is we have to acknowledge we don’t have a balanced budget and we can’t operate without one.”


Vander Plaats retains The Concept Works for 2010 gubernatorial campaign

January 5, 2009

Bob Vander Plaats, the 2006 Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, today retained The Concept Works to provide communications services and strategic counsel for his potential 2010 gubernatorial bid.


Vander Plaats and Eric Woolson, owner of The Concept Works, played key roles in former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s victory in the 2008 Iowa caucuses, which are the first step in the presidential selection process.  Vander Plaats was Huckabee’s state chairman.  Woolson managed the campaign, which vaulted Huckabee onto the national stage.


Woolson, who also served as communications director and press secretary for Governor Terry Branstad during his final term in office, will be a senior advisor and communications consultant for TeamVP 2010, Vander Plaats said.


“No one can equal Bob Vander Plaats’ enthusiasm, determination and work ethic,” Woolson said. “He has built a tremendous grassroots organization across Iowa. I’m delighted to be working with TeamVP 2010 to drive home the message that Bob Vander Plaats is not only the Republican Party’s best candidate for governor but also the best person to lead our state forward.”