Vander Plaats retains The Concept Works for 2010 gubernatorial campaign

Bob Vander Plaats, the 2006 Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, today retained The Concept Works to provide communications services and strategic counsel for his potential 2010 gubernatorial bid.


Vander Plaats and Eric Woolson, owner of The Concept Works, played key roles in former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s victory in the 2008 Iowa caucuses, which are the first step in the presidential selection process.  Vander Plaats was Huckabee’s state chairman.  Woolson managed the campaign, which vaulted Huckabee onto the national stage.


Woolson, who also served as communications director and press secretary for Governor Terry Branstad during his final term in office, will be a senior advisor and communications consultant for TeamVP 2010, Vander Plaats said.


“No one can equal Bob Vander Plaats’ enthusiasm, determination and work ethic,” Woolson said. “He has built a tremendous grassroots organization across Iowa. I’m delighted to be working with TeamVP 2010 to drive home the message that Bob Vander Plaats is not only the Republican Party’s best candidate for governor but also the best person to lead our state forward.”





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