Vander Plaats: Iowa Voters Should be Allowed to Answer Same-Sex Marriage Question

DES MOINES – Sioux City Republican Bob Vander Plaats issued the following statement on the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling concerning same-sex marriages:

“Like hundreds of thousands of Iowans, I respect the rule of law but I am certainly disappointed by the court’s ruling. The Defense of Marriage Act had strong bipartisan support when it was introduced and debated in our legislature. That bipartisan support for traditional marriage between one man and one woman reflected the will of the people then – and reflects the will of the people now. On an issue of this monumental importance to the very foundation of our society, I believe a vote of the people is necessary. I hope the General Assembly will take the necessary steps to give Iowans a voice is this process on the most basic of issues – and that Governor Culver will take a leadership role to let all Iowans express their opinion.”

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