Vander Plaats Responds to Culver 180-Turn on Same Sex Marriage: ‘Leaders Don’t Cut and Run’

SIOUX CITY – Bob Vander Plaats released the following statement in response to Gov. Chet Culver’s reversal of his earlier pledge to defend one-man, one-woman marriage:

“Chet Culver’s inaction and self-serving political double talk on one of the most fundamental issues in our state – the definition of marriage and the defense of our culture – is truly one of the most astounding political reversals I’ve ever seen in my life. Just over two years ago, he took an oath to defend our constitution. Just over a year ago, he promised to defend the institution of marriage from the full frontal assault of narrow interests who would destroy the bedrock of 5,000 years of human culture.

“Leaders do not cut and run when the pressure is on. Leaders do not abdicate their responsibility. As governor, I will do what Chet Culver has not, cannot and will not do. I will lead. I will work to ensure that Iowans are allowed to vote on this most fundamental issue and that the law of the land – the majority voice of Iowans — prevails. Despite the Iowa Supreme Court’s opinion last Friday, we can have a constitutional amendment upholding the only real definition of marriage – the union between one man and one woman. It’s time for Chet Culver to get out of the way and let real leaders take charge so Iowans finally have a voice in this matter.”

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