Rattlers Brand Photo Shoot Wasn’t an Ordinary Day at the Office

rattler boot

OSCEOLA, Iowa — Eric Woolson of The Concept Works donned a pair of Rattlers Brand snakeproof chaps for a photo shoot with a live Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, proving once again that the protective gear is “the best on the market.”

“Our goal was to capture video of a rattlesnake striking a pair of the Rattlers Brand chaps for the company’s website,” Woolson said. “I wore the chaps because I trust them with my life.”

Tim Bloomquist of Professional Video, Inc., from Clive recorded the snake striking the chaps. His video and still photos will be featured on the Rattlers Brand website, which is undergoing an update.

“Tim really knows his craft. His work product is always a cut above the rest but this video shoot was extraordinary,” Woolson said. “It’s a real pleasure working with someone who’s as talented and respected as Tim.”

Woolson noted today’s video shoot was far from the first time he has worn Rattlers Brand chaps for his safety.

“My son and I wore our chaps in Costa Rica a few years ago when we were in the rain forest on a successful search for the bushmaster, which is the largest venomous snake in the Western Hemisphere. They greatly increased my peace of mind,” he said. “And, more recently, I wore them on an Oklahoma excursion when four Western Diamondbacks struck my chaps a total of nine times. To be honest, I’m not that careless. It actually was part of a video shoot with another cameraman that didn’t quite go as planned! The bottom line: I’m a big believer that Rattlers Brand chaps are the best product on the market.”

Rattlers Brand is one of the product lines in the Boyt Harness/Bob Allen family.


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