Dutcher Announces Candidacy for Waukee City Council

WAUKEE – Dan Dutcher, a long-time Waukee resident with an extensive business background that includes managing the construction of the 801 Grand Building in Des Moines, said today he will seek a seat on the City Council in the Nov. 3 municipal election.

“Waukee has a lot of great things going for it. I believe my expertise can help us capitalize on those assets by preserving our history and the best of our past while capitalizing on future opportunities,” said Dutcher, who has served on the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission for four years. “There’s no doubt Waukee is going to continue to grow. Our citizens need a voice on the City Council that will speak for them so we can continue to expand and improve our infrastructure and services while keeping property taxes in check.”

Dutcher, who has a long and successful history of working with officials from the state, federal government and surrounding cities, said he would be an active backer of additional funding for the Alice’s Road interchange project. He will advocate for centrally located, shared services with neighboring communities to expand recreational options for Waukee residents while holding taxes in check. An active bicyclist, he also is a proponent of additional recreational trails.

Dutcher, who is a senior vice president with the Terrus Real Estate Group, added, “I believe the best way to improve our local business environment is for the city to actively work to retain the businesses we currently have, stand firm against tax increases and make sure we provide the municipal services that families and companies need to thrive.”

He has been a driving force behind the city’s Green Initiatives Committee, which will promote environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings, services and practices. He noted that Waukee was one of the first communities in the state to adopt a wind-turbine ordinance.

Dutcher, who has earned designation as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional, said his expertise would be especially helpful on the council as the city moves forward with projects such as a proposed renovation of the old elementary school into city offices.

“A project like that would give Waukee a great opportunity to preserve its history and to show our support for the Triangle business area. At the same time, with the right leadership on the city council, it can be done with an eye to the future while protecting taxpayers’ money,” Dutcher said. “I want to provide that leadership.”

Dutcher and his wife Mary have four adult children, including 20-year-old triplets who are attending Doane College in Crete, Neb. Dutcher, who is a graduate of the Des Moines Leadership Institute, is a member of the Waukee Rotary Club and a former board member of the Waukee YMCA and Waukee School Foundation.

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