Two Clients of The Concept Works Win Big in Tuesday’s Municipal Elections

Two clients of The Concept Works scored impressive victories in Tuesday’s municipal elections in Waukee, Iowa.

Mayor Bill Peard won a third term by turning back an aggressive challenge from Councilman Isaiah McGee. Peard received 862 votes to McGee’s 735. Meanwhile, Dan Dutcher was elected to his first term on the Waukee City Council in a six-way race for three seats. Dutcher was the top vote-getter with 1,045 votes.

Eric Woolson of The Concept Works provided day-to-day management and general strategic counsel of Peard’s campaign from August through Election Night. A concerted absentee ballot strategy was critical to Peard’s success, providing two-thirds of his margin of victory. The Concept Works provided general strategic advice and communications services for Dutcher’s campaign.

Woolson said both candidates had compelling stories to tell and their campaigns were “mainly a matter of making sure voters knew about their records of success and progressive visions for their community.”

“Hands down, Bill’s victory was the result of his months of hard work. He pounded the pavement with dogged determination in the heat of summer and the rain and chill of the past six weeks. That determination paid off with a broad supporter base and, in the end, the key to winning last night was to make sure we got his voters to the polls,” Woolson said.

He continued, “As for Dan Dutcher, he flat-out commands tremendous respect in the community both professionally and personally. He brings a wealth of expertise in commercial development to the Waukee City Council and that’s exactly what the community needs in the next few years. I couldn’t be happier for the citizens of Waukee knowing that Bill and Dan are going to be leading them forward with an agenda of responsible growth while working to continue the city’s 10 consecutive years without a property tax rate increase.”

The Concept Works’ third client in this year’s municipal elections, Brian Rickert, was defeated in a hotly contested race in West Des Moines Third Ward.

“It was an honor to work with Brian and provide communications services for his campaign. He ran a positive campaign even when it was clear his opponent wouldn’t and didn’t. Brian demonstrated with his integrity, decency and respect for the voters that he’s more than worthy to serve and West Des Moines voters should hope that he will seek office again in the future,” Woolson said.


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