Miller-Meeks: Obama’s State of the Union Shows Importance of Trust, What Happens When it’s Lost

OTTUMWA – President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech “demonstrates more than ever how important it is for elected officials to keep their word and what happens when they don’t,” Republican congressional candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks said this morning.

“He didn’t intend to be that way, but the important lesson about the President’s speech last night is that governing is about trust – and he’s lost the trust of many Americans because he hasn’t kept his word,” said Miller-Meeks, an Ottumwa ophthalmologist. “As a doctor who cares for patients, I’ve always understood that nothing can take the place of a trusting relationship. I know how important it is to say what you mean and, most importantly, mean what you say. That’s an invaluable asset that I will apply every day to represent the people of Iowa’s Second Congressional District.”

Miller-Meeks noted Obama’s pledges to lower the national debt and deficit conflict with higher and higher government spending.

“Actions speak louder than words and his actions on the budget show that he has not been fiscally responsible. He’s using the bank bailout money as a political slush fund and increasing the budget at an unsustainable rate when he should be cutting it. The problem is that our current congressman, David Loebsack, just keeps going along with all that,” Miller-Meeks said. “Both President Obama and David Loebsack said they were going to Washington to change the culture of partisan politics but we sure haven’t seen that. My advice to both of them is to start working with Republicans to get the budget under control. Instead of saying you’re going to create a transparent budget process and get rid of earmarks, how about actually doing it? That’s what people want – and that’s what I’m dedicated to delivering.”

Miller-Meeks has been an outspoken critic of the “Obamacare” legislation because it will reduce average Americans’ access to quality health care while increasing the price they pay.

“We need to replace David Loebsack with someone who actually understands health care and can lead intelligent reform,” Miller-Meeks said. “We can’t afford to have someone who’s going to go along to get along with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama at our expense.”

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