Miller-Meeks: Loebsack Claims Bipartisan Mantle but Recorded Votes Prove Otherwise as He Sides with Pelosi 97 Percent of the Time

OTTUMWA – Rep. David Loebsack’s claims that he favors more bipartisanship to tackle the nation’s problems is “one more example of a politician telling us one thing and then doing something else in Washington because he’s voted with liberal Speaker Nancy Pelosi over 97 percent,” Republican congressional candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks said today.

In an article in Thursday’s Burlington Hawk Eye, Loebsack said “he couldn’t agree more” that there needs to be more bipartisanship in Washington, and he “already reaches across party lines.”

“I’m in full agreement that we need to reduce the partisanship in Washington to start getting results for Iowa, chief among them creating more jobs. But Congressman Loebsack is part of the problem in Washington, siding with tax-and-spend liberal Nancy Pelosi 97.3 percent of the time he’s casting a vote and he’s just wrong. He’s saying one thing to Iowa residents, but doing something completely different in Washington,” Miller-Meeks said. “If he paid more attention to us here in Iowa, he’d know that we don’t want bigger government, we don’t want massive new debt, we don’t want more spending, and we don’t want a government take-over of health care. David Loebsack voted with Nancy Pelosi for all of it, and there’s not a hint of bi-partisanship in that.”

Miller-Meeks, an Ottumwa ophthalmologist, noted that Loebsack claims to now support common-sense measures like opening up insurance markets across state lines to reduce costs to patients and providers; however, when Dr. Miller-Meeks asked him that question at last summer’s town hall meeting in Burlington, he claimed states’ rights precluded such action.

“If he is truly sincere about claiming a bipartisan mantle, one easy thing Loebsack could do is demand Speaker Pelosi stop blocking Republican legislation from the floor for an up-or-down vote, and allow Republicans to have a seat at the table for important reforms like health care,” added Dr. Miller-Meeks, who will bring her health care expertise to Washington where it is desperately needed. “As the next member of Congress from the Second District, I would always put the taxpayers of this district before any party leader in Washington. It’s clear the taxpayers of Iowa are not Mr. Loebsack’s priorities.”

Miller-Meeks announced her candidacy for Congress in December and was the 2008 Republican nominee in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. Growing up poor, she worked her way through college, became an Army nurse and soon after graduated medical school. Miller-Meeks is a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve and a former president of the Iowa Medical Society. She owned and operated a small business – an ophthalmology practice – up until last year when she gave it up to run full-time for Congress. Miller-Meeks and her family live in Ottumwa.

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