Miller-Meeks Issues Statement on Loebsack Vote for Government-Run Health Care System

OTTUMWA, Iowa – Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, a Republican candidate for Congress in Iowa’s Second Congressional District, released the following statement today on Democrat Dave Loebsack’s vote in favor of a trillion-dollar health care bill that will kill jobs, cut Medicare, raise taxes, and hand a number of special deals to swing-state Democrats to buy their support for the bill:

“Dave Loebsack hasn’t yet found a spending bill he could turn down. After voting for Wall Street bailouts, a trillion dollar stimulus bill that did nothing to curb unemployment, voting to raise our national debt by two trillion dollars, and voting for a budget that spends more money than any time in our nation’s history, Dave Loebsack today voted for a trillion dollar health bill that will kill jobs, cut Medicare and raise taxes. That’s a shame and Iowa deserves better.

“As a doctor and small businesswoman, I know that the only way we will achieve affordable, quality health care is by focusing on patient-centered, cost-cutting reforms such as tort reform, individual ownership of insurance plans and interstate purchasing of insurance plans. A new costly entitlement program that expands government by creating nearly 160 new bureaucracies, agencies and departments is not the way to go. Already, one of America’s largest manufacturers, Caterpillar, is saying this bill will increase its employee health care costs by 20 percent in the first year alone. Last week, 130 economists agreed this bill will kill jobs and cut wages – a terrible burden on an already struggling economy.

“While Democrats claim this bill will cut the deficit by over $1 trillion, they ignore the fact that the FY-2011 budget is projected to add $1 trillion every year over the next 10 years to our national debt. Their health reform cost estimate also leaves out a critical $371 billion fix to protect hospitals and health care providers from seeing a significant cut in Medicare reimbursement rates. Although this reimbursement fix was in the original House bill, and Speaker Pelosi has said they will pass it later this year, it has been removed temporarily to masquerade the true cost of the Democrats’ health bill. Add that onto the number of special deals for specific swing-state Democrats to sweeten the bill, and you have a corrupt process jamming through a bill America doesn’t want.

“As eastern Iowa’s next member of Congress, I would always fight for taxpayers, families and seniors and put an end to the reckless taxing, spending and borrowing that liberal Dave Loebsack has supported and that’s putting America on a dangerous fiscal path towards bankruptcy in the years to come.”

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