Rasmussen Reports: Grassley Stretches Already Strong Lead Over Conlin in Senate Race

DES MOINES – U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley has stretched his lead over Democrat challenger Roxanne Conlin in the general election, according to the latest poll by Rasmussen Reports.

The poll, conducted on June 14 and released today, shows Grassley leading by a margin of 54 to 37 percent.

“Polling conducted in other states finds most candidates receiving bounces in support following a primary win. With Conlin, however, this doesn’t appear to be the case,” the poll states. “Prior surveys conducted since February show support for Grassley ranging from 53 percent to 55 percent while support for Conlin, a former U.S. attorney, ranges from 37 percent to 40 percent. In late April, Grassley led Conlin 53 percent to 40 percent.”

Grassley spokesman Eric Woolson noted President Obama’s favorable rating increased from 48 percent in late April to 50 percent at the same time Conlin’s support fell. He also noted that typical primary election bounce cited in the Rasmussen Reports poll is often magnified in Iowa campaigns.

“Terry Branstad’s primary victory in the three-way Republican gubernatorial primary has increased his lead over incumbent Chet Culver from 53-38 percent last month to 57-31 percent yesterday. Meanwhile, Roxanne Conlin’s numbers have fallen after last week’s primary,” Woolson said. “It’s certainly a huge strategic setback for that campaign, especially considering its aggressive advertising effort following the primary to try to magnify what ordinarily would have been a big post-primary bump. Some Iowans have noted that her campaign has failed to ignite. Today’s numbers show even the fuse seems to have gone out.”

The poll of 500 likely voters shows Grassley leading Conlin two-to-one among male voters and holding a slight lead with female voters. He also holds a double-digit lead among independent voters.

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