Social Times’ Megan O’Neill Writes about Five Fake Viral Video Campaigns, Asks “Great Gimmicks or Bad for Business?”

“These days it seems like brands and ad agencies will do anything in order to go viral, including duping their customers through hoaxes and fake viral video campaigns. From hiring actors to fake ‘real’ events to using special effects to create unbelievable stunts, the art of the hoax has become a very popular advertising tactic. But is it fair play to essentially lie to everyone in order to go viral?” writes Megan O’Neill for Social Times.

Ask any respected public relations professional and they’ll tell you it’s never right to lie to customers, the media or public. O’Neill serves up five viral advertising hoaxes so you can decide for yourself: Are these campaigns great gimmicks or are they bad for business?

Take a look for yourself at Five Fake Viral Video Campaigns: Great Gimmicks or Bad for Business?


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