Paws & Effect’s “A Night for the Dogs to Benefit Our Military Veterans” Set for Thursday, March 31 at Sticks Studio

DES MOINES – Puppy raisers, trainers, service dogs and Iowa National Guard members will take center stage Thursday as the nonprofit group Paws & Effect hosts “A Night for the Dogs to Benefit our Military Veterans” at Sticks Studio.

“Paws & Effect’s current focus for service dog placement is with military personnel experiencing post traumatic stress disorder as they return home to Iowa from Iraq and Afghanistan. Combat veterans from earlier military conflicts who live in our state also are eligible for the program,” said Becky Beach, an event organizer. “Right now, the need for service dogs exceeded the number available. Paws & Effect is working to triple the number of dogs trained annually over the next two years. We owe it to our veterans who have given so much for us.”

“A Night for the Dogs to Benefit our Military Veterans” will begin at 6:00 p.m. Thursday at the Sticks studio, 3631 SW 61st Street. Tickets for the event are $100 per couple.

Sarah Grant, artist and owner of Sticks, has designed an original artwork entitled “What We Love About Dogs”. Limited edition posters of the piece will be sold for $30 at the event and will be on sale at the Sticks galleries in East Village and West Glen for $40 beginning Friday.

Paws & Effect, which is relatively new to Des Moines, also raises service dogs for people with mobility needs.

For additional information, contact Becky Beach at 490-9766.



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