Spanning the Gap Between Growers and Markets

February 8, 2016

Getting U.S. potatoes onto the ocean, into other countries and through various chemical screening standards are factors that will influence bottom-line revenues for growers and processors in the year ahead, according to Eric Woolson’s latest article in the current issue of Potato County magazine.


Pursuing Excellence

February 4, 2016

Eric Woolson writes in “Pursuing Excellence” for the February issue of School Transportation news that school transportation industry firms like Auto-Jet Mufflers, Blue Bird Corp., IC Bus, Seon, Trans Tech and Collins Bus are seeking and adopting certifications standards to improve efficiency, add value in a competitive marketplace.

New Yorker Magazine Story Profiles Iowa Caucus’s Catnip King

February 2, 2016

Writing his first article for New Yorker magazine, Max Rubin’s article, “Iowa Caucus’s Catnip King,” begins:

Eric Woolson’s office, in West Des Moines, is decorated with images of politicians and cats. The former are photographs of clients past and present (President George W. Bush, Mayor Steve Gaer, County Supervisor Robert Brownell), and the latter are mostly paintings with alliterative titles (“Cherries, Canaries, and the Big Cat,” “Ferile Feline at the Fishpond”). Woolson is an Iowa Republican operative, best known for managing former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s resounding victory in the 2008 caucus. He is also something of a serial rescuer, having picked up thirty-one stray cats in the past two years.

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