About Us

Welcome to The Concept Works!

I founded this firm in 2002 when it was obvious that Iowans and out-of-state entities doing business in the Hawkeye State needed a single company capable of delivering quality, integrated services in the realms of public, media and government relations, crisis management and marketing.

In doing so, the goal was also to create an ideas factory.  An environment so conducive to creativity that it just pumps out effective concepts.  A smart, productive, results-oriented place that turns ideas into action. A one-of-a-kind place. The Concept Works.

But this company’s name also springs forth from its purpose – the singular sense that clients need effective public, media and government relations counsel. There are already too many cute, unrealistic and costly strategies and tactics in the marketplace that don’t get the job done. Clients who are investing their resources need to know that the concept works.

That’s us. The Concept Works.  A name with two meanings; a company with a single purpose.

Since then, we’ve helped clients accomplish their communications goals by connecting them with the right people in the marketplace, general public, media and government every day.

Over the years, we’ve been involved in a number of statewide and congressional campaigns, including the management of Mike Huckabee’s surprising victory in the 2008 Iowa caucuses and advising presidential contenders Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann in 2012 and Scott Walker in 2014.

Following an important milestone — our firm’s 10th anniversary on Oct. 22, 2012 — we recognized tremendous value in gradually shifting our focus and priorities away from the extreme demands of political campaigns. And, while we’re best known for our success in the political arena and continue to maintain those important relationships, we’re recognizing more and more for connecting our corporate, retail, nonprofit and individual clients with their target audiences.

I’m convinced our services can benefit you and your business, too.

Our second decade is an exciting time as we direct our energy and creativity where it belongs: on the needs and best interests of our corporate, retail, nonprofit and individual clients. We’d love to serve you, too. So, give me a call today and see what we can do for you.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Eric Woolson


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